Commit 0f841dc6 authored by Daniel Baur's avatar Daniel Baur
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workaround for cd not working with python popen

parent b87efa95
......@@ -72,9 +72,11 @@ def start(subject=None):
_run('(cd /opt/ghost/ && sudo /usr/bin/npm install)',error_message='Failed running npm install')
_run('(cd /opt/ghost/ && sudo /usr/bin/npm start &)',error_message='Failed running npm start')
pwd = os.getcwd()
_run('sudo /usr/bin/npm install',error_message='Failed running npm install')
_run('sudo /usr/bin/npm start &',error_message='Failed running npm start')
def stop():
_run('sudo killall node',error_message='Failed killing nodejs')
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