Commit 33eb17ca authored by Daniel Baur's avatar Daniel Baur
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Fixed some small errors in ghost scripts

parent 8b1b3aca
......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ from cloudify import exceptions
from cloudify import utils
CONFIG_PATH = '~/ghost/config.js'
CONFIG_PATH = '/opt/ghost/config.js'
TEMPLATE_RESOURCE_NAME = 'resources/ghost/ghost.default.template'
......@@ -35,9 +35,9 @@ def configure(subject=None):'Configuring ghost.')
_run('sudo apt-get install unzip',error_message='Failed installing unzip')
_run('curl -L -o ~/',error_message='Failed downloading ghost')
_run('unzip -uo ~/ -d ~/ghost',error_message='Failed unzipping ghost')
_run('sudo apt-get -y install unzip',error_message='Failed installing unzip')
_run('sudo curl -L -o /opt/',error_message='Failed downloading ghost')
_run('sudo unzip -uo ~/ -d /opt/ghost',error_message='Failed unzipping ghost')
template = Template(ctx.get_resource(TEMPLATE_RESOURCE_NAME))
......@@ -62,8 +62,8 @@ def configure(subject=None):
def start():
_run('npm install',error_message='Failed running npm install')
_run('npm start',error_message='Failed running npm start')
_run('cd /opt/ghost/ && sudo npm install /opt/ghost/',error_message='Failed running npm install')
_run('cd /opt/ghost/ && sudo npm start &',error_message='Failed running npm start')
def stop():
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