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# Setup of cloudify 3.2 GA
## General remarks regarding the setup
- cloudify can be easily installed using the package for centos 7. So start a virtual machine using centos 7 and setup your working environment.
- setup ssh access to the centos machine (default user is centos)
- most of the commands require root privileges (e.g installation commands). centos supports the sudo command for this (passwordless for the default centos user)
## Install cloudify cli
yum -y update //intial update of the centos system
// normally the python requirement should be available
yum install wget //download tool
python //installs pip
//now download cloudify to the server (rpm file for centos 7)
yum install cloudify.rpm //install the cloudify package
source /cfy/env/bin/activate //loads the cloudify env into the current shell
cfy -h //test your cloudify cli installation
## Bootstrapping a cloudify manager
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