Commit b09f85cc authored by Daniel Baur's avatar Daniel Baur

first draft of scaling trigger

parent 9cdca8bf
...@@ -257,4 +257,45 @@ outputs: ...@@ -257,4 +257,45 @@ outputs:
description: Web application endpoint description: Web application endpoint
value: value:
ip_address: { get_attribute: [ frontend_floatingip, floating_ip_address ] } ip_address: { get_attribute: [ frontend_floatingip, floating_ip_address ] }
port: 80 port: 80
\ No newline at end of file
# adding the some_vm node template that was previously configured
members: [nodejs_host]
# using the 'host_failure' policy type
type: cloudify.policies.types.threshold
# policy specific configuration
# Configure it
service: system
threshold: 50
upper_bound: true
# Name of the service we want to shortlist (using regular expressions) and
# watch - every Diamond event has the service field set to some value.
# In our case, the ExampleCollector sends events with this value set to "example".
- system
# using the 'execute_workflow' policy trigger
type: cloudify.policies.triggers.execute_workflow
# configuring this trigger to execute the scale workflow
workflow: scale
# The heal workflow will get
# its parameters from the event that triggered
# its execution
# 'node_id' will be the node instance id
# of the node that failed. In our case, it will be
# something like 'some_vm_afd34'
node_id: { get_property: [SELF, node_id] }
delta: 1
scale_compute: true
\ No newline at end of file
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