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volume group fix

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......@@ -347,16 +347,16 @@ chkconfig neutron-openvswitch-agent on
# 9.2 Configure a Block Storage service node
# After you configure the services on the controller node, configure a second system to be a Block Storage service node.
if [ -e "/dev/sdb" ]; then
if [ -e "/dev/vg_cinder" ]; then
# This node contains the disk that serves volumes.
echo '"/dev/sdb" found, configuring block storage'
# Create the LVM physical and logical volumes. This guide assumes a second disk /dev/sdb that is used for this purpose:
pvcreate "/dev/sdb"
vgcreate cinder-volumes "/dev/sdb"
#pvcreate "/dev/sdb"
#vgcreate cinder-volumes "/dev/sdb"
# Add a filter entry to the devices section in the /etc/lvm/lvm.conf file to keep LVM from scanning devices used by virtual machines:
setConfigValue "filter" '[ "a/sda1/", "a/sdb/", "r/.*/" ]' "/etc/lvm/lvm.conf"
#setConfigValue "filter" '[ "a/sda1/", "a/sdb/", "r/.*/" ]' "/etc/lvm/lvm.conf"
# After you configure the operating system, install the appropriate packages for the Block Storage service:
yum install -y openstack-cinder scsi-target-utils
......@@ -398,6 +398,8 @@ if [ -e "/dev/sdb" ]; then
openstack-config --set "/etc/cinder/cinder.conf" DEFAULT debug "True"
openstack-config --set "/etc/cinder/cinder.conf" DEFAULT use_syslog "True"
openstack-config --set "/etc/cinder/cinder.conf" DEFAULT syslog_log_facility "LOG_LOCAL0"
# use custom volume group
openstack-config --set "/etc/cinder/cinder.conf" DEFAULT volume_group "vg_cinder"
# Configure the iSCSI target service to discover Block Storage volumes.
# Add the following line to the beginning of the "/etc/tgt/targets.conf" file, if it is not already present:
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