Commit c17daf5d authored by Daniel Seybold's avatar Daniel Seybold

revised cassandra record count command

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......@@ -170,11 +170,18 @@ public class RemoteCommand extends EvaluationTask {
private static String getCassandraCommand(){
String command = "source /etc/environment && sudo -E ./cassandra-count -host $LOCAL_ADDRESS -keyspace ycsb -table usertable";
//TODO: check if these values need to be derived dynamically based on total number of records?
* Split size in MBs
int splitSize = 50;
* Number of total splits (0 for <number of tokens>, -1 for size-related generated splits) [number of tokens]
int numOfSplits = 256;
//"./cassandra/bin/nodetool tablestats -H ycsb.usertable | grep \"Number of partitions (estimate):\"";
String command = "source /etc/environment && sudo -E ./cassandra-count -host $LOCAL_ADDRESS -keyspace ycsb -table usertable -splitSize " + splitSize + " -numSplits " + numOfSplits;
//"./cassandra/bin/cqlsh -e \"SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ycsb.usertable;\"";
return command;
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