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# Evaluating the Elasticity of a DBMS cluster
Elasticity scenarios deploy a DBMS cluster of *n* nodes on the specified cloud resource and executes the specified workload against the cluster. During the workload execution *m* adaptation actions are executed.
......@@ -137,7 +136,7 @@ The `data` folder contains the raw evaluation results of the load phase in the l
The `monitoring` folder contains raw system metrics of the DBMS and Workload-API nodes. In addition, these metrics are automatically plotted as timeseries as shown in the exemplary plot.
![CPU Load](C:/git/omi-gitlab/mowgli/getting-started/misc/cpuLoad.png)
![CPU Load](../misc/cpuLoad.png)
In addition, all metrics can be accessed via the [Chronograf]( web interface at http://MOWGLi_IP:8888
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