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......@@ -10,10 +10,24 @@ While the Mowgli framework can be run locally or on a VM, the Workload-API needs
to run on a separate VM within the selected cloud (to use the private network
and to ensure isolated workload creation). The default setup includes the Workload-API and assumes that the Mowgli framework is deployed in the same cloud and network that the evaluations are targeting. Additional Workload-APIs can added if required by following the [Workload-API installation guide]( .
In the following, the required steps to setup, configure and use the Mowgli Framework are described.
**Requirement:** An account for an OpenStack-based cloud or the AWS EC2 cloud.
This guide consists of the following steps:
#### Install and start Mowgli Framework
1. Install Mowgli
2. Prepare and register the target cloud in Mowgli
2.1. OpenStack
2.2. Amazon AWS EC2
#### 1. Install and start Mowgli Framework
As the Mowgli Framework comprises multiple dockerized components, Mowgli is provided as docker-compose bundle.
Though, the Mowgli framework can be deployed locally if the host is publicly accessible (unique IP and required ports open) and the Docker and Docker-Compose are installed
......@@ -55,14 +69,14 @@ Execute the following steps to deploy the Mowgli framework:
If you can access the web interface you are nearly there :smiley:
If not check the [troubleshooting]( section :scream:
If not check the [troubleshooting](../troubleshooting/ section :scream:
In addition Mowgli comes with the [Portainer]( tool to provide a graphical UI for the Docker containers.
Portainer is accessible via http://MOWGLI_HOST:9001 with the default user *admin* and password *mowgli19*
## Prepare the target Cloud in the Mowgli framework
## 2. Prepare and register the target Cloud in Mowgli
In the following, we will prepare Mowgli to use your Cloud. For this, we provide
two options:
......@@ -271,4 +285,8 @@ The following message indicates the successful registration of the cloud:
"id": 1,
"name": "ec2-19-12-2018_09:46:36"
\ No newline at end of file
[Now you are ready to run your first evaluations](../usage/ :trophy:
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