Commit 3a0b1d0d authored by Daniel Seybold's avatar Daniel Seybold

fixed more merge commits

parent 01190f28
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......@@ -47,16 +47,6 @@ public class WorkloadApiServiceImpl extends WorkloadApiService {
private static final String TPCC_BINARY = "./cockroach";
<<<<<<< HEAD
//TSBS constants
private final String TSBS_RESULT_FOLDER = "TSBS/";
private static final String TSBS_BINARY = "/opt/workloads/tsbs/bin/";
private static final String TSBS_SCRIPTS = "/opt/workloads/tsbs/src/";
>>>>>>> 1f37d36184567e516e0854bf1dd0cf0073592d05
public Response workloadResultGet(@NotNull String taskId, @NotNull String workloadType,
SecurityContext securityContext) throws NotFoundException {
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